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Xu Hướng 3/2023 # “It’S” + Adjective + Infinitive # Top 5 View

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It (be) Adj + Infinitve Clause vs. Gerund Clause (be) Adj

Past tense “It was + adj…”

¹ The clause cannot be restated with a gerund clause when “it” refers to climate or weather.

Also see It as Subject , It Clefts and It /There Pronouns

Phrasal Categories: NP – Noun Phrase; VP – Verb Phrase; AdjP – Adjective Phrase; AdvP – Adverb Phrase; PP – Prepositional Phrase; DP – Determinative Phrase.

Clausal Categories: Cls – clause; F – finite clause; NF – nonfinite clause (Ger – gerund; Inf – infinitive; PPart – past participle).

Word Functions: Subj – subject; Pred – predicate/predicator; Comp – complement: elements required by an expression to complete its meaning (DO – direct object; IO – indirect object); Adjunct – adjunct: elements not required by an expression to complete its meaning (Subord – subordinator; Coord – coordinator); Supl – supplement: a clause or phrase added onto a clause that is not closely related to the central thought or structure of the main clause.

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There in Subject Position – Milk is on the table. → There is milk on the table.

It as Subject Placeholder – That he is very funny is obvious. → It is obvious that he is very funny.

“It is” + Adj + Infin – Finding the answers is hard. → It is hard to find the answers.

“It seems” / “It occurs” / “It is likely” – It seems odd to me that he didn’t say anything.

“It takes” + Infinitive – To get ready takes ten minutes. → It takes ten minutes to get ready.

“Identifying ‘be'” – Rain is there. There is rain; Reciprocal Property (A + B = B + A)

It / This Reference – Gizmo developed a new app. It is amazing. Gizmo managed to develop a new app. This is amazing.

It Clefts (extraposition) – What he said was amazing. It was amazing what he said.

Restating a that-clauses as an infinitive clause

It is adjective that… / It is adjective for you to…

Commenting on observations and facts

It… that Pattern List

Commenting on observations and facts

chúng tôi

Errors and Solutions

Error and Solution

*Yellow highlighted words are examples of incorrect usage.

Pop-Q ” Kind”

Make the Effort to Speak the Language!

Complete the expression.

Select the response from the list that best completes the sentence.

Reviews of a New Product

Read for Errors

What do you think of this new tablet?

It’s surprising see that it is so light and clear.

It’s hard for me understanding how it works.

It is exciting to see such an interesting design.

It’s logical for everyone to use.

It’s unfortunate it shows finger prints.

It amusing look right through it as you work.

It’s hard to figuring out where the battery is.

It’s no necessary to recharge the external battery every night because it lasts a long time.

It’s important that they selected strong glass.

It is likely to appeal to a lot of people. I think it will be a “hot” item.

appeal (V) – to be especially attractive, pleasing, interesting, or enjoyable

external (Adj) – outside not inside of something

figure out (verb phrase) – guess, imagine, understand

finger prints (n) – (dirty) marks left after touching it

a hot item (expression) – something that is popular and in demand

Correct or Incorrect?

Select a response correct or incorrect.

Suggestions for Visiting a City


Going to a new city is exciting, and taking a tour is especially convenient for travelers. A tour will help you see a number of attractions in a relatively short time and will include professional guides who are trained to provide interesting historical details and stories for whatever site you are visiting.

Going through a museum is a good idea. Your guide will give you background information so that you will be able to appreciate and enjoy what you are seeing. Tipping your guide is an expected courtesy.

One thing that travelers often forget is comfort. Be sure to balance comfort with fashion. Taking an extra pair of shoes with you is smart.

You will enjoy walking through the street markets. Bargaining for a good price is fun. You’ll find lots of things you will want. Buying small items is important because fitting extra things into your baggage is often difficult. If you buy a few small things, you will have gifts for friends and some souvenirs of your trip. Having a memorable vacation is essential. Your memories will help get you through the long year ahead until your next chance to take a vacation comes.

background information – general and specific details to improve understanding

courtesy (N) – good manners or social conduct; polite behavior.

traveler (US-Eng) / traveler (Br-Eng) – a person who travels, goes to distant places

Edit the sentence(s) in the text box.

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